On-site Crematory

The Leggett family has been serving Little Rock for generations. As a fourth-generation funeral director, Brad Leggett founded the Little Rock Funeral Home, 12 years ago, believing a family business provides more personal service than a large corporation with headquarters in another state. Little Rock Funeral Home is proud to announce the opening of the only crematory owned by any funeral home in Little Rock.

Since Little Rock Funeral Home opened, Leggett has guaranteed that local families receive the highest level of service. His most recent innovation is to install the crematory at the funeral home. Says Leggett, “As cremation has become increasingly popular, it is important for funeral homes to not only offer cremation services, but to own and operate their own crematory as well. This is the only way the consumer can be confident the service will be conducted professionally with honor and respect. Our crematory is located in our beautiful surroundings and furnishings, unlike most crematories in the U.S., which are established in garages or warehouses.”

As Leggett explains, funeral homes that do not operate their own crematory must transfer your loved one to another company. This is often a third party commercial crematory unknown to the family of the loved one and located in another city or county. When this is the case, the original funeral home loses control of the process. Many cremation scandals reported around the country occur under these circumstances. According to Leggett, “The funeral profession is regulated, just as the legal, medical, and financial professions. This is why it is so important for us to maintain control of the process. We need to be able to guarantee the integrity of the services we provide. Owning our own crematory is the only way we can do that.”

Another advantage for families who select a funeral home with an on-site crematory is the ability to observe the cremation process. Leggett says, “Pre-planning and being able to inspect the crematory gives confidence to loved ones. It can be a part of the healing process after a loss. With an on-site crematory, family members may observe the cremation from a comfortable observation room adjacent to the crematory.”  

Leggett adds that their crematory will be reserved only for families that select Little Rock Funeral & Cremation Services. “There are crematories that allow other funeral homes to use their equipment. Some allow law enforcement to use it to destroy contraband. We will not do this,” Leggett says. “Our crematory will be private and used only to serve those who choose Little Rock Funeral & Cremation Services. Families often want the cremation process to be conducted quickly so they can hold services with their loved one’s cremated remains present. Others want to transfer the cremated remains to another city for services. By reserving our crematory for the families we serve, we can respond immediately to any request.” 

Leggett goes on to say that though constructing a crematory requires a significant investment, he feels responsible to provide the most comprehensive services possible to the Little Rock community. “We know families want peace of mind when making funeral arrangements for a loved one, “says Leggett.” “They want to know their loved one is being treated with honor and respect. Owning and operating our own crematory is simply the right thing to do as a family-owned and operated funeral home.”